Homes with new roofs from roofing companies in Panama City Beach, FL

Does my Florida home need a new roof?

How do you know if your NW FL or Panama City Beach, Florida, home needs a new roof?

These are some clues that you may need a new roof:

  • There are water stains on the roof sheathing in your attic.
  • There are water stains on your ceilings.
  • There is rotted wood under the overhangs and eaves.
  • There is damaged flashing.
  • There are seams or joints opening in your drywall.
  • There is peeling paint on your walls.
  • There are sagging areas in your roof.
  • There are shingles missing, curled or cracked.
  • There is granule loss.
  • Metal roofs with severe rust.

You can inspect your roof from the ground (with binoculars if you have them). Or, better yet, contact us for a professional inspection.

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